7 days, 5 channels, 3 messages, 1 success

Barilla Retail

7 days, 5 channels, 3 messages, 1 success

The challenge

A new retail management team facing into declining market share, declining visibility, 1 week before the Summer Sales period starts...
...and with no campaign!

A centre where 50% of revenues are generated through a product offer for which ‘Sale’ does not apply; food, bookstores and cinema.

How to be relevant? How to leverage the non-sale offer? How to gain immediate visibility throughout the catchment?

The solution/the project

Don’t hide the Non-Sale offer. Highlight the added value it brings through a simple direct creative narrative delivered through the Nuvole ‘fast track’ production process and executed across the full spectrum of traditional channels (Print, OOH, Radio) and digital and social platforms. All in just seven days!


+20% footfall, +20% in turnover...within the first two weeks of Sales

  • Content frameworks
  • Touchpoint strategy
  • Creative idea
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign production
  • Campaign delivery
  • Press, Magazines, OOH, Radio, Web, Mobile, Social, POS