From regional to national


From regional to national

The challenge

You’re an important player regionally but are finding it hard to make a National breakthrough. How to get a foothold in National GDN distribution?

The solution/the project

Let the product do the talking! With a ‘once tried, loved’ product, tell the taste story within the context of a fully developed Brand promise. Articulate on-line but critically, take the story, the product, the Brand out to meet and audience who already love it but just haven’t tasted it yet. Develop a programme of experiential tastings in strategic locations that build a Sabbione consumer movement.


+500,000 tastings to date
+6% Facebook engagement rate
The brands first ever national GDN distribution (Gulliver and Unes)

  • Shopper insights
  • Content frameworks
  • Touchpoint strategy
  • Creative idea
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign production
  • Campaign delivery
  • Press, Web, Mobile, Social, POS, Events