Retailing a region


Retailing a region

The challenge

15 regional stakeholders, all with limited budgets, all needing to sell their own, different, local touristic offers to a broader international audience through a single articulation.

The solution/the project

The building of a single, regional, emotional brand proposition, highlighting ‘local’ diversity in fashion, shopping, art, culture, sport, leisure, food and wine. Delivered through a compelling filmic storytelling showcase executed across the complete spectrum of digital touchpoints including multiple websites and social media.


one year after launch:
+ 5% domestic arrivals; + 32% international arrivals; + 13% overnight stays in hotel facilities; + 29% overnight stays in non-hotel facilities.

  • Content frameworks
  • Touchpoint strategy
  • Creative idea
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign production
  • Campaign delivery
  • Press, Video, Web, Mobile